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15 Awesome Tools for SEO Competitor Analysis 2021 Update.
Social media management. Mention for agencies. Retail Industry Tracker. Finance Industry Tracker. Instagram Report 2021. Get a demo. Share this post. 15 Awesome SEO Competitor Analysis Tools. Home Blog Media Monitoring 15 Awesome SEO Competitor Analysis Tools. Updated on January 9th 2020. Irina Weber 11 min read. Everyone knows to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It doesnt matter what industry youre in, you should keep track of your main competitors. To beat the competition, you should spy on your competitors every marketing move. Tracking competitors search rankings, content, social mentions, emails, and anything else they do to boost business.
The 8 Best Tools for Finding Competitor Keywords WordStream.
Each individual keyword has accompanying volume data, meaning you can see new potential keyword ideas and their approximate search volume in the same table - very handy. Conventional SEO wisdom might suggest targeting each specific keyword with a separate page or article, and you could certainly take that approach if you have the time and resources for such an ambitious project. Using this technique, however, allows you to identify new competitor keywords by parent topic - in the above example, how to choose a domain name - as well as dozens or even hundreds or relevant, semantically related keywords at the same time, allowing you to do what Moz has done, which is target many different relevant keywords in a single article. In addition to other useful data, such as search volume, CPC, traffic, and search result volume, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer also offers a wealth of historical keyword data such as SERP Overview and Position History to provide additional context to keywords that have waned in interest, volume, or average SERP position over time.
Best Competitor Analysis Tools for SEO Ricemedia.
A similar report can also be created for finding outreach opportunities in the Backlink Gap analysis.: If you really want to keep up with your competition, you can set up a Ranking Tracker to see how their SEO output is faring. This can inform your own decisions when selecting the right steps in your SEO strategy. Searchmetrics is a great organic research tool that gives you a detailed overview of your organic visibility compared to your competitors.: As you can see on the right-hand side, you also get a graph which identifies which websites have increased and decreased in their visibility. You can also compare shared keywords, traffic index and how many keywords they are visible for.: Clicking on each competitor will take you to a full organic report on each, giving you a complete overview of the keywords theyre targeting and performing well for which you can add to your SEO strategy. If you want to know the top-ranking URLs for a competitor and what keywords they rank for, Searchmetrics can show you.: This will certainly support your SEO content marketing, as well as giving you keywords you can target in your sector.
How do you do competitor analysis?: SEO.
I'm' a beginner when it comes to SEO, and competitor analysis is something that really intrigues because you basically reverse engineer the SEO tactics of your competitors websites. Raven Tools has created an amazing interactive PDF: SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist.
Best Competitor Analysis Tools for SEO Ricemedia.
What is an SEO Competitor Analysis? An SEO competitor analysis involves finding out the links, keywords, content and more of your online competitors so you can take advantage of what is working for them and improve your own SEO strategy.
SEO Competitor Analysis Services Fiverr.
I will run ahref and semrush reports for SEO competitors analysis. Starting at 4 52. Level 2 Seller. I will do professional SEO keyword research and competitor analysis. Starting at 9 05. Top Rated Seller. I will do high quality white hat contextual SEO dofollow backlinks. Starting at 18 10. Level 2 Seller. I will provide a complete SEO audit report and guaranteed action plan.
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There is no room for complacency in the SEO world. The Importance of SEO Competitor Analysis. The saying is true, you dont know what you dont know. If you dont know about a tactic or strategy that your competitors are successfully using, then youre only hurting yourself or in this case, your websites ability to rank higher or stay at the top.
SEO Competitor Analysis: 7 Killer Ways To Spy On Your Competition.
Free Website Audit. SEO Competitor Analysis: 7 Killer Ways To Spy on Your Competition. Posted by Dustin Reed SEO 0. If youre looking to increase your sites ranking position and visibility on Google and other search engines, then its time you considered SEO competitor analysis as one of your key strategies.
1 SEO Competitor Analysis Tool: Keywords, Backlinks and more! Semrush.
SEO Competitive Analysis Tools. Analyze your SEO competition in a matter of minutes! Win The Competition. Just enter your competitors domain name to start seeing insights! Use simple filters and movement between reports all about your competitors organic search rankings and position changes. Get insights now Learn more. Compare up to five competitors side by side and find the gaps in keyword strategies that you can start to target with your site. See opportunities Learn more. Enter your competitors site and see all of their backlinks. Find their top referring domains, apply filters to find specific sites, and even pinpoint their most recently acquired and lost backlinks tons of ways to find new backlink opportunities for your own site. See competitors links Learn more. Compare up to five competitors in terms of backlink profiles to see who links to your competitors but not you. A quick and simple way to find tons of relevant link building opportunities in your niche. Get ideas Learn more. Build beautiful PDF reports quick and easy with drag-and-drop Semrush widgets and plenty of formatting features.
How to Do an SEO Competitive Analysis: A Step-by-Step Guide. Author Photo.
You can find those losses in the SEMrush Organic Research tool. Have a look at where they are declining in the search rankings. This can present some opportunities for your site to take advantage of, particularly when the competitor hasnt noticed their losses and are not working to fix whatever caused the ranking drops in the first place. New Keyword Rankings. Looking at new keyword rankings is another important aspect of competitive analysis, but it should also be done fairly regularly for general SEO purposes. You always want to know any new pages or new rankings that your competitors are earning, so this is an easy way to see anything new there focusing on.
10 Vital Criteria For Effective SEO Competitor Analysis.
A foolproof strategy always involves in-depth competitor analysis that helps you focus on SEO factors that are crucial for your industry and your site, rather than following generic principles. Owing to the importance of SEO competitor analysis, WooRank includes the option to make comparative competitor website reviews when you have a subscription.

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